Tips From a Scottsdale Dog Trainer for Training Your Dog

Dog Trainer in Scottsdale Provides Tips on How to Train Your Dog

training your dogHaving a dog in your family can bring such joy to all members of your home. However, an untrained dog with bad behavior can limit that joy. This why training your furry friend is beneficial to you and your pet.
We reached out to a Scottsdale dog trainer to learn some top tips for you to use when it comes to training your canine. This is what we were told.

1. Understand that it is not only the dog that needs to be trained.

The human family members need to be trained as well. That training includes all of the adults and children in the home.

Two things need to be understood when you train your four-legged friend.

First is that you and the other humans in the home need to be pack leaders. Your dog needs to understand that hierarchy in the domain otherwise, ensuring that he follows your direction and command is not going to happen.

Second, all of the people in the home need to understand that your pup has needs too. Don’t get in his face when he wants to be left alone. Don’t tug on tails and let children roughhouse with him if he is not in a mood to do so or there will likely be a reactive response by your pet.

2. Be consistent in your commands.

If you expect your dog to know what you want him to do and follow that direction every time you give the command, then it is crucial that you are consistent in that directive. If you don’t want your dog around the table when you eat, teach him the “place” command which has him lie down in one place wherever you want him to stay. You can’t let your canine kid go to “place” one time and then let him lie at your feet at the table the next. Doing so will cause confusion for him. He won’t know how you want him to behave.

3. Make sure you are in a good place mentally and emotionally when you are working on training.

It is essential to understand that your canine has no idea what you want until you teach him. As previously mentioned, consistency in that instruction is critical. What is also important to understand is that a lack of patience in helping your dog to learn can lead to responses to his behavior that could be detrimental to the pup. If you are emotionally, mentally, and/or physically drained, your mind will not be in a right place, and when you aren’t capable of dealing with your dog while in training, that is when you become a terrible trainer and possibly hit your dog and abuse him. That never creates a successful outcome.

4. Hire a dog trainer.

If you don’t think you have the ability or time it takes to train your dog, then consider hiring a trainer. Many experts have the knowledge and skill to teach your dog the behavior you desire for him. As an example, the dog trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona that we reached out to provides trains all dog breeds and teaches many behaviors such as walking on a leash, non-reactive around other dogs, stay, sit, place, how to swim, dealing with anxiety and more. Hiring an expert to train your dog eliminates many of the struggles and challenges you as an owner would have to experience. Plus, there is less time involved in achieving the results you are looking for.

Having a dog is a fantastic experience where if you create that special bond with your pet can lead to a lifetime of love, fun and wonderful memories. However, that bond starts when your dog is trained.